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Company Pros Cons Pre Hustle Quote
Makers Nutrition NY
  • NSF Certified
  • Does FDA Label Checks
  • Will do everything for us
  • Cost is all in including flavoring formulation
  • Great customer service to this point
  • Seem to be up front about everything
  • Price breaks for every 1,000 units
  • Can run our stuff in CA so shipping will be less
  • They own our formula and flavoring
  • Very corporate feeling
  • $100 fee for FDA Label Checks (increases if there is several issues)
  • Lead time is 12 to 16 weeks
  • 3rd party reviews are mixed
  • $18.97

Quality Supplements Manufacturing OK

  • CGMP Certified 
  • NSF Compliant but too small to be certified right now
  • Does FDA Label Checks
  • Good customer service so far
  • We own our formula and flavor profiles
  • Formulator we would work with is very experienced
  • Third party reviews are generally good
  • Price breaks per 1,000 units
  • Have to work with separate flavor and formulators cost is about $800 per new flavor/formula
  • Have been slow on getting quote but they are being thorough so it's as close as possible.
  • Lead time is 12
  • to 16 weeks
  • $19.50
Dry Bev TX
  • CGMP Certified
  • Process of NSF Certification
  • Does FDA Label checks
  • No Grey Area ingredients
  • They have a TON of experience in the supplement world from the brand side and willing to offer advice
  • Great customer service so far
  • They will give us our formula and flavor profiles for no charge
  • Lead time is 8 weeks and sometimes faster, even on new products
  • Third party reviews are generally good
  • Price break doesn't come until 10,000 unites
  • They don't do protein products but work with people who do
  • Cost is so much lower
  • $15.50