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Black Label Athlete Bobby Serna


Black Label Athlete Bobby Serna

Bobby Serna

My name is Bobby Serna. Instagram (Serna_physique_)
I was born and raised in Aberdeen, Idaho  by a single father who worked 12 hour days to provide for me and my siblings. That being said, I grew up working and busting my ass for whatever I needed and wanted and I believe this shaped my work ethic in the fitness world. While in college I played collegiate sports which unfortunately led to two severe knee injuries. I tore my ACL, MCL, LCL and had a meniscus transplant, twice, but that didn’t stop me from competing in my first 2 shows in 2013. I took 1st place in my weight class in my second show in 2013 with a blown out knee and had it surgically repaired days after my competition.
Last November 2017, I took the Overall BodyBuilding Sword Trophy which helped me qualify for nationals which I will be doing in 2019.
I have a loving and supportive wife named Deena and a 6 month old baby boy named Beckham. They are what help me strive to be better in life and in my fitness goals. I want to be the best athlete that I can possibly be and help other people reach their full potential with my motivation and support.

I have worked in the supplement industry for over 7 years and have never seen a product as good as Black Label. The high quality in the product stands alone in the competitive supplement industry. I would not support a product that I did not believe in and that would not help me reach my full potential.
Believe me when I say that this is what you want to take to succeed.


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