About Us

Why We Started Black Label Supplements 

My name is Troy Bell, co-founder of Black Label Supplements.

You may be wondering a little about why we came to be.

Let me tell you a quick story. I co-own a gym in Chubbuck, Idaho. we wanted to find a supplement line that met the needs of our awesome members. Admittedly, I wanted it for myself too.

The thing is, I did extensive research and what I found was shocking. Popular supplement brands were using flashy advertising and misleading claims to boost their bottom line. Among other things, they jack up the prices but use crappy ingredients, suggest doses that are overkill, and ignore the need for a balanced diet.

Since the FDA doesn't regulate individual supplements, it is so easy for brands to keep doing this stuff.

Learning all this was frustrating to say the least. So, the other owners and I decided to do something about it. We started calling manufactures. Talking to them further opened our eyes to the shier madness going on with popular supplement brands.

After finding a manufacture we believed in, we hand-picked the ingredients for our first product. An all-in-one pre workout drink that provided an energy boost and key nutrients to fuel the body before a workouts. We called it PRE HUSTLE.

Now we had a supplement we felt good about offering our members. They liked it so much they started telling their friends. That's when we built on our success by selling publicly.

We've been able to support thousands of everyday athletes in their fitness goals. By The Way, we love it and use it too.

And that's why I'm so excited to share our story with you! We will continue to introduce new products that sell at a decent price, have quality ingredients at levels your body can use, and help fill in the gaps your current nutrition might be missing.