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Training Bundle

Training Bundle

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An upgrade to the Performance Bundle, this includes Post HUSTLE for athletes looking for an easy source of extra protein.

PURE POWER + Beta-Alanine- use daily, including non-workout days, to optimize power and endurance

Pre HUSTLE- Caffeine and mental boosters are among the most powerful ingredients in sports performance.  BUT, 95% of athletes use them wrong.  Once a tolerance is built to caffeine, the benefits go away.  So, we suggest using Pre HUSTLE 1-2 times per week on hard training or game/comp day.  Avoid other sources of of high caffeine for the best results.

A slightly less effective, but accepted alternative is to use Pre HUSTLE on all workout days.  Then, use PURE POWER on non-workout days.  After consuming one tub of Pre HUSTLE, take a month completely off, using PURE POWER instead.

Post HUSTLE: Use right after workouts or first thing in the morning for a convenient source of fast acting protein.

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