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Hey Athlete,

It's Tyson. As an athlete tested by the anti-doping agency USADA, I have to know the supplements I'm using are clean and effective. I want to make sure all of you can have the same assurance.

At BLACKLABEL, we've developed the following standards for our supplements so athletes of any sport can complete at your best.

We Don't Use Banned Substances
We avoid any ingredients banned by major sports organizations to keep our athletes safe.  Further, Our manufacturers are certified by NSF which requires strict quality control to avoid cross-contamination from other brands.

Third-Party Testing
To confirm that our products are not contaminated, each ingredient is tested by an independent lab.  Once a product is flavored and bottled, that same lab will test again to ensure nothing changed.

Effective Ingredients
The first two are non-negotiables.  This one is too.  Why use a supplement with an ingredient list that isn't effective. We will only include an ingredient if it is proven effective through research.

Fully Dosed
Ingredients are only effective if you use the dose amount that is used in the research.  Many brands will include something like creatine, but they will use 1/5 the amount required to add benefit.

We are constantly reviewing ingredients that can help us reach our highest potential.  To be clear, supplements aren't a magic bullet. Nor are they absolutely necessary.

But they do help you push a little harder, recovery a little faster, and feel a little better.  Over time, these small effects can have a noticeable impact on performance.

What are you biggest questions when it comes to using supplements?  Send an email to athlete@blacklabelsupplements.com and let me know.

Tyson G.
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