Special Ambassador Bonus

When my 3-year-old has a surprise, he says DA-NEEEEE.  I think he is trying to say TA-DA.  It's pretty funny.

Anyway, DA-NEEE!  

Do you remember the special offer you received on the first day?  I gave you the chance to stock up on supplements for 30% off. 

If you completed all the missions this week, your lifetime ambassador savings is up to 25%. Pretty awesome, but you're not to 30% yet.

You've shown you're dedicated to our community by reading these emails.  I wanted to give you a special Thank You for your time.  Here is another chance to stock up at 30% off.

Use code: GRIND

This code is good for one order of any size.  It expires in 2 days.  Once it's gone, it's gone.

Ambassador Manager

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