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Mission3 is an easy one.  Just read this email.  You'll get 2% added to your lifetime ambassador pricing.

I don't mind bribing you to read my story haha.  Seriously though, your time is valuable but I want you to understand why I set up the BLACKLABEL Ambassador program the way I did.

BLACKLABEL Supplements started in Kulak CrossFit.  As CrossFit communities do, the members rallied around the idea of creating a community-driven supplement brand.

Some members helped spread the word online or through social media.  Others wore BL shirts at events, wrote reviews, took pictures, and more.

Everyone pitched in and orders started coming in from around the U.S.

At that point, I jumped on board to help.  We tried some new ways to build on our success.  Everything from paid ads, to large events, to working with influencers.

Nothing seemed to be as effective, or as fun, as working directly with people.  I also felt bad sending our marketing budget off to corporate media giants, instead of supporting our athletes and customers.

So I got started making an official ambassador program.  That way, everyone could build this awesome supplement brand with us, not for us.

I talked to as many people as I could.  Learning what they liked and didn't like about ambassador programs. 

Then, I looked at what other fitness brands were doing.  I took the best parts of their programs and scrapped the crappy parts.

The end result was pretty awesome.  I even made plans to share marketing tips to help ambassadors learn how to make money without feeling like slimy salespeople.

But there was still an issue. 

We weren't rewarding people for writing reviews, giving feedback, or sending in photos/videos.  Those things help us out too.

So I added missions.

Now you can get rewarded for more than just referring friends.  That's why I'm so excited to tell you this story.  

BLACKLABEL Supplements started as a community effort.  We want to keep it that way no matter how big we get.  After all, friendships are our favorite part of this business.

Mission3 is now complete. Send me an email hustle@blacklabelsupplements.com letting me know you read it.

Ambassador Manager

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