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Hey there,

Superheroes always have a secret lair where they prep for their next mission.  Since you're also doing missions, why not have a lair too?

One of my favorite superhero shows is 'Arrow'.  If you haven't seen it, a Robinhood like character starts a one-man crusade.  Over time, more characters join to help him.  It's pretty awesome.

Anyway, their base of operations is called The Bunker.  So, I thought that would be a cool name for our ambassador only area.

The bunker is a central hub for everything we do.  It's still in development.  For now, it's your dashboard for tracking commissions.  It will also have an archive of all the missions.

Go ahead and check out The Bunker by following the link below.

 Login To The Bunker

Use your email to enter.  Let me know if you have any issues loggin in.

Ambassador Manager

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