Tyson from BLACKLABEL Supplements here with Mission2.

"TWO DOLLARS!!!!!! It worked.  I can't believe It actually worked."

This was the thought going through my head when I logged into Paypal that day.  I know it's not much money.  But, it was the first time I earned a commission as a brand ambassador.

The best part was I didn't have to force an awkward post on social media and I didn't feel like an annoying salesperson.

I had tried to earn money through ambassador programs before with no luck.  It wasn't until I was actually taught HOW to do it, that I earned that $2.  

I'll share more on this later.  For now, Let's get to Mission2.

We use codes and links to track referrals and pay commissions.  So, I need to know what word you want to use for your referral code.

(Even if you aren't motivated by earning commissions, you can complete MIssion2 for an additional 2% savings on your ambassador code)

Your code will save your friends, family, and followers 15% on orders.  More importantly, it gives you credit for the referral.

Unlike other programs, you will earn a 10% commission EVERY time they buy, not just the first time.  Wonder what happens if someone you refer ends up joining our ambassador program?

One of our most unique features is we keep paying you commissions even if your friends become ambassadors.  We want them to join us.  If you are the one who introduced them to BLACKLABEL, we want to reward you for that.

To complete Mission2 and get another 2% savings, email me hustle@blacklabelsupplements.com  with the referral code you'd like to share.

It works best if you use part of your name or a word people associate with you. (Keep it PG).  If you need an example:

  • My code is COACHT
  • Our dietitian advisor's code is ARBITER15

Feel free to get creative, or keep it simple.  By the way, the shorter your code, the easier it is for people to remember and use.

So, to complete Mission2 and earn another 2% off , email me (hustle@blacklabelsupplements.com) telling me what you want your referral code to be.

Ambassador Manager

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