Important Sponsorship Information

Exciting news!  We're reviewing your application.  While you wait for the final decision, it's important you know the realities of sponsorship.

Sponsorships are an advertising tool to generate sales.  it's all about how the athlete can attribute to this goal.  It's not a donation, or a way to get a few extra posts on social media.

You might have seem high-profile athletes sign huge sponsorship contracts with mega brands like Nike.  It does happen, but we aren't Nike, and you probably don't have the influence Michael Jordan does.

This program is an OPPORTUNITY for competitive athletes to start with the following perks, and earn more as you gain influence.

  • Athlete only discount on supplements (that's a win by itself)
  • Exclusive athlete gear
  • Training on how to build your influence
  • Monthly payments for sharing your experience and referring others

If you're an athlete just looking for a quick payday, or free supplements without effort.  Let us know and we will remove your application. 

But, if you're interested in using supplementation as part of your training, and are willing talk about your experience .  Then, email with the Subject "I'm still in".

Tyson G.
BLACKLABEL Supplements
Athlete Sponsorship Program

P.S.  The next email will contain our decision on your sponsorship application.

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