Welcome To The Locker Room

Hey there,

In sports, the locker room is a central hub.  So, I thought it would be a fitting name for our sponsorship dashboard.  Everything you need to be successful in this program will be housed inside the Locker Room including::

  • Step by step guides on being a sponsored athlete (See the Instructions Tab)
  • Your current sponsorship level
  • Promo codes and links you can share with others
  • Track money you've earned
  • And more


Step 1: Go To The Locker Room

Use this link to login: https://team.blacklabelsupplements.com/

Step 2: Setup Your Password

The first time you visit, you'll be asked to setup a password.

Step 3: Review The Instructions Tab

Your sponsorship level is based on your effort and influence.  If you just want to enjoy the perks of your current level, that's totally fine. But.... 

If you want to level up, make sure you read through the guides, open our future emails, and participate in any challenges we send out so you can build your influence and earn an even better sponsorship!

That's all for now,

Tyson G.
BLACKLABEL Supplements
Athlete Sponsorship Program

P.S. If you're not happy with your current sponsorship level, you have two choices.  Throw in the towel and never know what you can achieve.  Or, commit to putting in effort and being consistent so you can be a better athlete, partner, and build your influence.

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